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There are four major partners who manufacture highly desirable and effective products for AIM Global.


Nature’s Way is a quality American leader in herbal medicine for over 40 years which provides health and healing through the power of nature.
Nature’s Way is a multi-billion dollars company NASDAQ Traded/NYSE. NASDAQ is acclaimed as “The stock exchange for industry leaders recognized around the globe as one of the largest US stock markets”.

Nature’s Way is a recognized leader among all the multinational and dietary supplement companies in America. The first major certified organic producer. It has over 700 nutritional and natural products with the following certifications US FDA, HALAL, KOSHER,GMP, BFAD. It engages over 200 medical Doctors, Herbalists and Scientists.

Nature’s Way as a leader has extensive Recorded “Firsts.” Many of them pioneered the way retailers, consumers, industry competitors and even Government viewed Herbal and nutritional supplements.

List of Firsts

– First Nutritional products manufacturer with a-state-of-the-art pharmaceutically licensed facility.

– First to bring significant European phytomedicines (plant based medicine) to market.

– First industry recognized GMP (Good manufacturing processes) facility.

The Company logo for Nature’s Way is a green leaf. It symbolizes health, life and nature. Their Slogan “Trust the Leaf” is the motivator as the company strives to manufacture the very best possible nutritional products for human consumption. It strives to satisfy its consumers and even exceed their expectations.

It is today one of the largest and most technologically advanced supplement manufacturers in the United States.” This unusual marriage of nature and science live in harmony within the Nature’s Way organization”.
Its over 700 premium and natural products include simple herbs, herbal extracts and formulations, full line vitamins and minerals, high potency branded vitamins and various specialty products for a wide range of health concerns.

Nature’s Way is the manufacturer of Alliance In Motion Global Flagship products for distribution worldwide as an exclusive marketer.

Royal DSM is a multi-billion dollars global science based company active in health, nutrition and materials. DSM delivers for innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global market such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, life protection and biobased materials.

These four words are the short-hand for their mission, their beliefs and their behavior- a promise they make to the world in which they operate.
Bright Science refers to the unique way in which they combine life sciences and materials sciences, disciplines, technologies and talents. They partner with customers and other stake-holders, then they share ideas, insights and inspiration to create innovative and sustainable solutions that address the key challenges facing society today.

Bright Living refers to their main commitment to creating products and solutions that make positive differences to people’s lives.
Their products- resvida: The purest form of resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine that helps support cardiovascular health, Redivivo, lycopene – a nature identical lycopene, which protects our body from free radieals that can damage cells.


An active nutrition company based in phoenix, Arizona with over 70 years of experience. Their mission is’’ to provide consumers with the best products that Nutrition sciences has to offer for living longer, stronger and healthier life’’ Since 1936 the WEIDER family has developed innovative dietary supplements based on quality, science, knowledge and Trust. Today the Weider name is synonymous with Health and Fitness products worldwide selling in 120 countries. It manufactures weight buy term paper control products. It manufactures Burn (Body Under Regular Nutrition) for AIMGLOBAL.


A Multi – Billion dollar per year Japanese company established in 1969. An OEM(original Equipment Manufacturer) company whose stock is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exechange.It also engages in mail order sales and wholesale of dietary supplements and cosmetics as well as production and sale of health care merchandise It Is GMP (good manufacturing process) certified. A high quality company with sales of 9.6 Billion yen in 2016. Manufactures Perfect White for AIMGLOBAL.

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