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Uniqueness of Alliance in Motion Global

1. Alliance in motion Global (AIM GLOBAL) is a multi level marketing company established eleven (11) years ago in 2006 by three aggressive young men who between them post 100 years of Net working experience. In addition they have various professional backgrounds covering medicine, Dr. Edwardo Cabantog (President and CEO), Francis Miguel finance and Asperin, they have brought this quality backgrounds and experience to bear on the business of the company and relationship with distributors. Many other MLM companies are established by successful businessmen in traditional businesses and this factor constitutes one of the sources of the failure after a few years from incorporation of most MLMS.

2. The company is distributor friendly because of the background of the founders. Distributors are offered six major ways of earning which operate together. To enrich distributors, the company pay’s a generous discount of 25%- 30% on every product sold by its distributors. Commissions are also paid on direct referrals, matching sales bonus, uni-level, stair step and royalty incomes. With these it lives up to its mantra of turning ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires. In 11 years it has produced 5,000+ multi millionaires out of ordinary people who are their distributors. Out of these 700+ are Nigerians.

3. To motivate their distributors this company pay’s bonuses daily through a dedicated web page provided free of all charges to every distributor. Payments are made mostly in cash, bank to bank, through encashment by distributors.

4. Distributors also enjoy free travel incentives to Asia, USA, Korea, Philippines and other places. The company prioritizes training and provides programs throughout all working days in all its operating offices undertaken by both local and international trainers plus access to its high caliber college Aimcademy. These are open to all distributors.

5. Very uniquely, Aim Global business is transferrable to family of distributors

6. Alliance in Motion Global parades quality products that sell themselves. These products are prepared by highly reputable companies known worldwide for quality and certified manufacturing processes. For example Nature’s Way of USA is NO.1 premium Herbal company in that country. It is a recognized leader among all of the nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America. Nature’s Way is the first industry-recognized GMP (Good manufacturing processes) facility and the first major certified organic producer. Other Aim Global partners are DSM a European based global-science company active in health, nutrition and materials, Weider of USA and AMS Life Science company of Japan.

Aim Global product C24/7, it’s flagship product has been voted No.1 top direct selling product in the world 2015-2016 by Business For Home which is the professional platform of multi-level marketing industry.

The company’s marketing and compensation plan is among the top best in the industry. There are six main ways to earn big income and qualify as a member of the elite Millionaires’ Circle. The compensation plan de-emphasizes retail business. Distributors are not mandated to hawk products from person to person, house to house unless they choose to. There are no Sales Quota, no timelines for sales and no individual sales target to gain promotion. There is complete freedom to work at individual speed.

The six major earning ways are attainable and transparent in application. No favorites, no class, no discrimination. Aim Global is well managed. It is a financially stable company classified as a triple A (AAA+) opportunity based on key figures such as revenue, momentum, Alexa rating, poll results, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and head office visits done by Business for

In summary Aim Global is unique with its One time, Life-time, international registration. Unique, effective and safe products.

– Distributor- Friendly marketing, Compensation plan, Real time, Online DTC (Distributor tracking Center).

– Daily payout of commission.

– USA, Europe and Asia free trip Incentives.

– 25-30% lifetime Discount on all products sold by distributors. .

*Free training at each of its operating centers across various cities around the world, and through its Aimcademy in Philippines accessible to members online. Some of these trainings include: Alliance success and achievement programmes, Technical and leadership training, New distributors Orientation, and opportunities presentation plan.

ALLIANCE IN MOTION GLOBAL(AIMGLOBAL) Calls you today; with our breakthrough, effective, safe and popular household products and working through a powerful marketing and compensation plan powered by a visionary and competent leadership we can make you an extraordinary multi- millionaire no matter how ordinary you think you are, so take the first step today with Aimglobal toward your first million.

Remember: ‘’ you never get anywhere until you start . It doesn’t have to be a big step, but it has to be in the right direction. Put a stake in the ground and start measuring how far you have gone. Remember that everyone takes a step backward for every two steps forward, so set backs are normal bumbs. Anyone learns from failures than from successes. Moving forward, accomplishing goals is a process rather than a continuous motion.

After the first step, the ground is easier, and after the first goal gives you confidence, the ground will be easier” by Cayenne Consulting.

Step into Aim global business today and as Cabantog declares, see how you’’ the ordinary ‘’you become, to your surprise, Bigger, Better, and Bolder to declare and fulfill your dreams.

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President And CEO. Dr Eduardo Cabantog M.D
-The Visionary President

Dr. Eduardo cabantog is a graduate of Medicine from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng maynila. He served as a company physician in one of the well known medical and clinical services provider for a couple of years. He practiced his medical expertise in some of the most reputable hospitals best foot massagers in the Philippines. He ventured into the networking companies before instituting Alliance in Motion Global, Inc, in 2006.

His remarkable success in his new found carrier and having survived difficult challenges molded a great leader and survivor fit to lead a fast growing company in the world of multi-level marketing business where the competition is very stiff.

In 2010, Dr Cabantog was recognized as one of the TEN OUTSTANDING ENTREPRENEURS of 2010 by Enterprise magazine.

In 2013, He was honored and awarded by Multi-level Marketing International Association (MLMIA) as one of the Best of the Best for 2013. He is called “the visionary leader” worthy to be followed. He was also voted No 1 direct selling chief executive in 2015/2016 poll organized by Business for home.

Vice President for Finance:

Mentor of all mentors. He has Bsc in computer engineering from Adamson University. Joined a leading telecommunications company in the Philippines. He gained respect in the industry after creating millionaires that have become icons in the world of multi – level marketing business. He is one of the pioneer networkers that has mentored some of the famous personalities in the industry. He is fondly called the “mentor of mentors”. He has made alliance with all icons and together they established a fast growing networking company in the Philippines today, the Alliance In Motion Global.

In 2010, Engr. Francis Miguel was a recipient of 2012 most outstanding Bulacan Businessman (AIM Global).

Vice President for Marketing

Mr. Asperin ventured into networking business while a graduating student because of his being adventurous and young man full of ambition and determination. He is known as “Mr. Excitement” because of his jolly spirit and inventiveness in promoting the company and its products. He is a creative and remarkable achiever in the networking business.

He is a good motivator and mentor who sees life as a matter of “choice not chance.”

These three in harmony together provide innovative, active, productive and effective management to the company. They are able to attract their kind into key management positions who together as one man have taken the company to unbelievable records of achievement.

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John Asperin
Chief Marketing Officer  ( Mr Excitement )

Chasing Success is not done when we are already old and time is running out. To enjoy success is to start goal – setting when we are still young. Know when the perfect opportunity comes and grab it!. Invest with the right company that gives you the opportunity to earn good money. To move up to the ladder, to earn more to be able to save, retire early and enjoy more of life with your loved one.

Dr Ed Cabantog
Chief Executive Officer, "The Visionary President"

LIFE IS SHORT! Maximize your abilities. Develop your potentials to the fullest and be part of the fastest growing business in Asia and the WORLD It’s high time you realize your dreams not 10years from now but this year! right here, right now, because we will bring out the best in you!

Francis Miguel
Chief Fiance Officer "Mentor of all Mentors"

“LIFE CHANGING”, These are the word i will say to describe this company: From the abundant benefit of its unique product to the rewarding income from its remarkable marketing plan. I ve seen it happen to countless others, you could be next! Let us help you achieve your dreams and secure the future you want!.